What Is The Best Cell Phone Plan?

Cell phone plans can be frustrating. It is easy to trick yourself into securing a cheap plan and end up paying exorbitant monthly bills because you accidentally used some hideously expensive option that everyone else uses for free. Even if you stay within the boundaries of your plan, you end up paying that monthly rate for a phone that is no fun to use.

The ideal cell phone plan will give you great service for a low price. Another advantage of a great plan is freedom. Even the cell phone plans with all the features out there can be upsetting because they lock you into contracts. In this fast-paced world, no one wants to be tied down to anything for two years.

Woman Using Cell PhoneThe Best Cell Phone Plan Out There

You do not have to look too long at the features of the Solavei cell phone plan to see that this is really the best cell phone plan out there. If you want to combine a relatively low-monthly payment with convenience and great features, then the Solavei is the real deal. Solavei gives you a great deal without tying you down and makes sure that you have access to many of the best features that cell phones are able to use today.

The advantages begin with the monthly price. The Solavei cell phone costs just $49 per month. For this $49, you get much more than just a mobile phone. The Solavei plan includes unlimited voice, text and data. You are not alone if you have ever been frustrated by a monthly bill that charged you big time for using features that you thought were covered by your plan. There is no more need to worry.

With the Solavei phone, you can use all its features and never worry that you are going to get hit with an enormous bill at the end of the month. It’s $49 every time without fail. That is the kind of assurance that you want in a phone. It does not help you to try to take care of business or your personal life while worrying that you are using your phone the wrong way.

The Solavei phone is also a sign of freedom. When you acquire a Solavei phone, you do not have to sign a contract to get that great low rate of $49 per month. You can pick up the phone one month and put it down the next. No one will fight you about it or hit you with extra charges.

These days, it seems impossible to believe that a cell phone would actually be this easy to use. This phone does not trap you or tie you down. It is just a technological tool that you can use to get ahead or just enjoy life.

One thing that has plagued many phone owners today is the credit check that many companies will do prior to issuing a contract. After the economic crises of the last few years, a number of people have found themselves in credit trouble but still need cell phones. Solavei does not make a credit check before agreeing to lease you their phones.

Solavei has a special approach to marketing. They offer their clients the chance to work as employees in recruiting. When you lease a Solavei phone and convince friends to get the same kind of phone, the referrer will receive cash from Solavei. In fact, since late 2012, Solavei has already paid out more than $10 million to its members.

Solavei is not some start-up company that is running on a rickety foundation. Solavei uses the T-Mobile backbone. You are assured of quality service when you pick up a Solavei phone. Even while you are enjoying the low costs and extreme freedom of the Solavei plan, you get access to the same high-quality structure that other phone users are paying huge amounts for.

Solavei is hopefully the new face of things to come in terms of communications technology. The leaders in innovation have been trying to tie people down with the same tactics used by legacy phone companies. Solavei is showing the world a way to give people freedom as well as convenience.